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Our service goes beyond project execution, over the years of our involvements in capital projects, Diligene established global and countrywide industry trust with clients, suppliers and manufactures. We are now in the limitless potential of reaching all clients in the Electric Utilities, Oil and Gas, Power and Renewables with our enormous capabilities


Services Provided

High Voltage Products including XLPE cables, full life cycle cable system including Terminations, Link Boxes and Testing and commissioning.   

Brugg Cables was established in the year 1896. 125 years of excellent services and experiences, focusing on High Voltage and Extra High Voltage cable products from 60kV up to 750kV. 

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Unlocking Potential, Energizing Connections: High-Voltage Cable Manufacturing Representation by Diligene

Diligene extends its expertise beyond project execution, establishing trust within the global and countrywide industries. With a focus on data-driven business analytics, we've garnered trust among clients, suppliers, and manufacturers in the Electric Utilities, Oil and Gas, Power, and Renewables sectors. Our comprehensive services include high-voltage cable manufacturing representation aimed at providing unparalleled support and solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our Services

1. Representation of High-Voltage Cable Manufacturers: Diligene is your one-stop shop for top-tier manufacturers. We bridge the gap, leveraging our expertise and network to deliver seamless communication, negotiations, and transactions. Get the perfect high-voltage cable solution fast.

‍2. Expertise in High-Voltage Cables: With a deep understanding of high-voltage cables and their applications, Diligene offers invaluable insights and guidance to clients seeking reliable and efficient solutions. Get the right solution every time! Whether you need underground cables or overhead lines, Diligene provides expert guidance. Our support empowers informed decisions, ensuring your high-voltage project reaches its goals.

3. Global Reach and Industry Trust: With years of experience and a proven track record of success, Diligene has earned the trust of clients, suppliers, and manufacturers worldwide. Our global reach and industry connections enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions and support to clients across diverse sectors and geographies, ensuring their success in the dynamic and competitive market landscape.

Why Choose Diligene?

Comprehensive Expertise: Diligene     offers a unique combination of expertise in high-voltage cables,     manufacturing representation, and data-driven business analytics,     providing clients with holistic solutions to their complex challenges.
Trusted Relationships: With established trust and relationships within the industry, Diligene is a     reliable partner and advocate for clients, ensuring their needs are met     with integrity, professionalism, and transparency.
Global Network: Our extensive     global network allows us to access various resources, suppliers, and     manufacturers, offering clients unparalleled opportunities and solutions     tailored to their specific requirements.
Commitment to Excellence: At     Diligene, we deliver excellence in everything we do, from representing     high-voltage cable manufacturers to providing data-driven business analytics services. Our dedication to     quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted     client partner.

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